Ghid interviu lb engleza

Ghid structurat pentru interviul în limba engleză

pentru selecţia mobilităților în cadrul proiectului

            EUROPRACTICA”, numar proiect 2016-1-RO01-KA102-023667


Întrebari/cerințe model
1.      General presentation of the candidate: 4p

–          age, family, likes and dislikes, free time

How old are you? Where are you from? Tell me something about your family. What is your favourite colour/actor/singer/food etc. Why? What do you like doing in your free time?

–          School related activities and achievements, extracurricular activities, hobbies.

What’s your favourite school subject? Why? Do you have good grades? What is easy/difficult for you to study? Why? How much time do you spend doing your homework? What extracurricular activities have you been part of? When? Who coordinated them? What did you learn/acquire from getting involved n them? Do you have any hobbies? When did you take them up? What do they make you feel?

2.      Motivation  for participating in the project .  2p

Why are you interested in taking part in this project? What made you apply for it?

3.      What do you know about this project? 2p

When and where did you find out about it? What are its main activities? What are the activities you have to do before going on the mobility? How many preparation classes will you take? What will you learn? How long will the mobility last? Where will it be? What will you have to do there? Who will accompany you?

4.      How will you prepare for the mobility., apart from the preparation provided by the school? 2p
5.      What do you expect to gain from the internship abroad? 2p

What will you learn? What professional skills will you acquire? What language skills will you improve/acquire? How will the project participation impact you as a person?

6.      What will you do when you come back from the mobility? How do you indend to share your knowledge and skills with other students/teachers? 2p

Pentru discurs: claritate, vocabular adecvat, pronunție, fluență se vor acorda 6 puncte

Total 20 puncte